By Korrie-Mae Wiszniak, CEO, Kids@ Churchill Park

In Calgary, if you want to have your children looked after in a home-based child care, you have a choice between private babysitters and an approved Family Day Home.

Under the Child Care Licensing Act of Alberta, a business can care for up to six children (infants to 12 years of age) in a home without a license, but to be considered a Family Day Home, it needs an agency approval.

What that agency approval means, ultimately, is optimal safety and a high level of care for the children.“Babysitting services” that do not apply for an approval are not monitored. The business owners do not receive any professional development support or advice regarding best practices.

Kids@Churchill Park (among other agencies) grants approvals on behalf of the Government of Alberta. Our team invites businesses to apply for Family Day Home approvals, then supports them fully, working to jointly ensure the safety and well-being of your children.

The support includes:

  • Accreditation funding eligibility, with wage top-ups that help approved businesses
    recruit the best child care, employees
  • Professional development support from consultants regarding programs for children at different stages of development, nutritious meal planning, and safe toys, games, and equipment.
  • Home visits to ensure and optimize the safety and quality of your programs

Our agency staff are certified at minimum as Child Development Workers and work to ensure compliance with standards. We hold approvals and contracts with Children’s Services.

For more information regarding the benefits of having your children cared for in a Family Day Home, please email one of our friendly Family Day Home Team members at