The PlayPenn

Fee Schedule




Infants 0 – 18 months

Full Time


Toddler 19 months to 3 years

Full Time

3 Days/week

2 Days/week




Preschool 3 – 6 years

Full Time

3 Days/week

2 Days/week




All Ages

Daily Drop In

(can only be offered when space is available)


NOTE:  The number of part time spaces are limited within each room.

Subsidy Rates

If your child is under the age of 6 (including Kindergarten) and attending The PlayPenn, please contact REGION 3 Subsidy at 297-6100 to discuss your eligibility for subsidy, or use their on-line assessment tool which can be found at

Current subsidy rates are as follows:

Infants      (up to 18 months)               $628/month
Preschool (19 months to 6 years)       $546/month