The Non-Profit Advantage

“In a secondary analysis of National Institute of Child Health and Human Development Study of Early Child Care and Youth Development data, multiple indicators of quality (caregiver wages and turnover, child/staff ratio, caregiver education and professionalism, positive caregiving) were compared between child care centers by sector (for profit/non-profit) at multiple points from infancy through pre-kindergarten. Non-profit centres evidenced higher caregiver wages and education at most ages and better quality child/staff ratios, turnover, caregiver professionalism, and positive caregiving for toddlers and preschooler.” L.S. Sosinsky et al. /Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology 28

Kids@ Churchill Park child care for kids should not be for profit.  We are governed by a board directors and a team of dedicated professionals who happily utilize all funds and resources for their intended purpose: offering excellence in care and learning resources for your little ones who we so proudly nurture each day.