They say it takes a Village and that is what the staff at Churchill Park has been and continues to be to our family. A village of caring, nurturing child development specialists; all from very different backgrounds, countries, walks of life. All bringing with them their unique brand of love.

Our family was introduced to Churchill Park by another friend who spoke highly of the care that her son received while he was there. Even if the point of this was to credit a single person at a single facility with their actions, I don’t know that I could because it truly is a village. Every child is touched by every staff member from the front office, to the kitchen through every room. They all know our children. They all care about our children. When my son left daycare last year to start school, it was bitter-sweet because he was growing up and moving on. He has fond memories of daycare and asks to come with me to pick up my daughter sometimes. He is also quick to talk about that ‘bad daycare’ – the one we were at for 2 months before being able to get a spot. He still talks about how they wouldn’t let him carry the picture of his family around with him to give him comfort. At Churchill Park, comfort is all around. There are pictures and reminders of your family on the walls, in your cot, in the conversations with your ‘teachers’. There are hugs when you are sad and excitement when you learn a new skill. Most of all, there is patience and understanding at how hard it can be to just be a kid some days.

My son’s kindergarten teacher spoke of how well prepared the “Churchill Park kids” were (the ones in her class). That they were advanced in their knowledge and experience beyond the other children. I am grateful for every number, letter, shape, lesson that my children have learned about during their day. I don’t know how I could ever have accomplished the same things if I stayed home with them. I am grateful for every lesson I have learned as well. How to have more patience as a parent (than I ever thought possible). How to let them learn on their own. How to grant little bits of independence long before I thought they were ready. How to be a more confident parent.

So, the impact to our family is that our family is so much larger than it was before. Because YOU are all a part of our family. That is what YOUR actions mean every day. To say “Thank you” never seems like enough. Please take every hug from our children as our expression of gratitude for being there, when we cannot be, and as acknowledgement of our trust and confidence in what you do every day for all of us. For what it is worth and from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU.

The caregivers at PlayPenn mean a lot to our Family. We have a peace of mind that our little one is in a safe / caring environment. Aside from Family, the PlayPenn caregivers are the closest interaction with our child.

Oftentimes on the weekend our little one seems out of her element because she truly misses daycare and the wonderful caregivers.

It takes a certain personality and temperament to care for young children – it is certainly not an easy job, thanks to all the staff and all you do.

My son is “my life” and each day that I bring my son to the PlayPenn I am entrusting you, his educators, with “my life.” But I can walk away calm and at peace, because I know that he is safe and happy. He will receive nourishment for his mind and body. He will laugh and play and learn. You each bring unique skills and personal characteristics to the room. What you do each day matters. I know my son enjoys his time with each of you. And although it is bitter sweet when he does not want to leave at the end of the day, it provides me with daily confirmation that the PlayPenn is the right choice for “my life”.