As a single parent with a young daughter, I cannot say enough about the services provided by Churchill Park Family Care Society, nor of the peace of mind that I have knowing that my daughter is in Churchill Park’s care. I know that my day-to-day cares have been greatly lessened with the trust I have in Churchill Park.

Churchill Park continually strives to diversify activities for the children in their care. On non-instruction days, there are always a wide range of activities, from going on outings to grabbing lunch out or going to a film. I am always touched by the generosity of Churchill Park as the outings and activities and even the lunches out are provided without additional charges to me. Our area is very mixed, with many new arrivals to Canada. Many of the families are working two jobs while they work toward accreditation in Canada, and not having to worry about the little charges here and there would have to be a great relief to them.

As the years have gone by my daughter has grown through her experiences with Churchill Park and I feel she is a better child due to her attending Churchill Park. I am confident that my experiences could be multiplied many times over for every child under Churchill Park’s care. I feel that Churchill Park provides an invaluable service to the community, and I feel very lucky to have had the good fortune to encounter Churchill Park.