We are the parents of two children enrolled with …Churchill Park Family Care Society since 2005. In all the years, we were very satisfied with the services provided by Churchill Park. There are a number of reasons to be this way. They provide an unparalleled environment for the kids to be together and to socialize in a safe environment. The Society’s personnel have the skills and the tact to handle a rather complex ethnic and cultural gathering of young subjects. They provide a very helpful aid and a comprehensive solution to the “time” problem many parents have. Many, if not most, of the parents having kids enrolled with Churchill Park are first generation immigrants in Canada and generally both of the parents are working full time. It is imperative for them to have a double source of income. Churchill Park helps us by providing the before and after school care service at affordable rates. We consider their existence to be vital for us as a family and we consider Churchill Park to be doing a great service to the community.