Working for Churchill Park as a Primary Caregiver has given me a knowledge of who we are and the dedicated work we do each day.

Each site has unique clientele and therefore different needs. We can all be proud of the effort that Churchill Park puts in on a daily basis on all levels to ensure that families’ needs are met. The quality care each staff provides is the base, and the extra mile they go beyond their jobs to help each child grow is amazing.

Churchill Park is unique in the unity they create with the staff, managers and children. Everyone feels valued which provides a better work environment. A parent can feel confident that when they leave, their child is receiving all the nutrition they require in a day, activities from every developmental area and lots of love and attention that the parent would be providing if he or she was able to be with them.

What is really great is that we are always striving to improve, from menus to space and planning. During holidays and tough times with families and staff we give the support we can through the Family Resource Facilitation Project to make sure that everyone has what they need to survive.

Working with children and families can be very rewarding and challenging at the same time. Therefore the type of support and understanding you receive from the company you work for builds the accomplishment of each employee. Churchill Park is a wonderful place to work with a lot of opportunities and support.