Support For Families

Churchill Park Family Care Society offers more than high quality, trusted child care. We act as a gateway to help children, families and caregivers access a range of support and emergency assistance when they need it.

We do this because we believe that the first years of life set the stage for a child’s future learning. We also believe all children deserve the best possible start in life, regardless of family income or circumstances.

That’s why Churchill Park offers a broad program of support to help parents overcome the challenges of raising healthy children and building successful families. We can help families access child development counseling, special needs workers or other resources in a caring and respectful way.

We also try to help make busy Mom and Dad’s lives a little easier. We communicate regularly with our families and share resources to help with child rearing challenges or link families with resources in the community.

Our name Churchill Park Family Care Society is intentional as we believe we work together with a family to ensure the best for the children in our care.

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