Literary Experiences

1st Class After Class continues to focus on building literacy skills for the children in our programs. Literacy is fundamental to one’s learning, growing, and comprehension of the world. The ability to read, write, and think critically is essential in all facets of our lives.


Children are free to explore various art and collage materials in this area. The children are encouraged to express themselves through different mediums with the focus on the process rather than the product.

Puzzles and Manipulatives

Small muscles in the hand are developed while handling and positioning puzzle pieces. The recognition of shape and pattern needed to complete puzzles are an important pre-reading and pre-writing skill.
Science and Nature
Nature and science are an integral part of Kids@ CP classrooms and offer hands-on learning. The centres in each classroom offer a variety of science tools, materials and collections for children to explore and investigate. The materials chosen support science concepts based upon children’s interests.

Loose Parts

Loose parts are open-ended materials that can be arranged, re-arranged and combined in many ways. The loose parts can include items from nature such as sticks, rocks and seashells or synthetic items. Children are free to choose and create with any combination of materials. Loose parts allow for creative expression, imagination, risk taking, an understanding of cause and effect and problem solving.

Cultural Activities

Kids@ CP encourages children to understand and be involved in the broader community. Our program includes various ethnic and cultural activities. Pictures, manipulative toys, books, dolls, dress up clothes and music are incorporated to develop an awareness of the variety of cultures
Music and Movement
Music is an important and fund addition to children’s day. As children move and sing, more oxygen is delivered to the brain through deeper breathing. Our educators incorporate various activities in their programming that includes singing and moving along to the music. Music enhances mood, memory and attention.

Junior Leadership Program

Kids@ CP educators take pride in providing children with the opportunity to explore their interests and build their leadership among their peers. The most effective way to do this is by allowing them to participate in leadership opportunities within their own programs.


Music and fitness (dance and yoga) programs are provided once a month at the centres. These are inclusive programs facilitated through your regular parent fees. The programs are taught by professional instructors that have been trained in the various disciplines.