Kids@ Kahanoff Child Care Centre

Kids@ Kahanoff Child Care Centre and Preschool

Tabassom Aslani, Program Director

Twen TefalidetProgram Coordinator

Location: 105 12 Ave SE, Suite 200, Calgary, AB  T2G 5A5
Phone: (587) 391-5262
Hours of Operation: 7:00am to 5:30pm, Monday to Friday





Kahanoff FAQ’S

What is the anticipated opening date?
Construction of this intentionally designed and built child care centre began the first week of February 2020, We are currently accepting waitlist applications with an opening date in the fall of 2020. The Kahanoff child care is now licensed and the child care program Is ready to accept children. The Preschool Program opening date will be announced soon.
Will Kahanoff Child Care be licensed?
The Kahanoff child care is licensed to operate by the Province of Alberta. The child care centre and preschool program must adhere to the Child Care Licensing Act and Child Care Licensing Regulation. Kids@ Churchill Park – Kahanoff will be inspected by licensing, as well as must provide inspection reports showing compliance with the Alberta Health standards and the National Fire Code (Alberta Edition)​. Alberta Health reports can be found posted in the program. All licensing reports can be found here:

Kids@ Kahanoff Licensing Reports

To what ages will the child care centre be available?
The full-day child care program will be offered to children that are infants to kindergarten age.  The half day Preschool Program will be open to children 3 years to 5 years.
How many children does the centre accommodate?
The child care centre will accomodate 76 children.  There are 6 child care program groups. The half day Preschool Program will accomodate 12 children.
What are the hours of operation?
The child care centre hours are based on client needs.  It is expected to be open 7:00 am to 5:30pm.   The Preschool Program will be open for 2 hours in the morning.  The proposed time is 9:15 to 11:15.
Do you allow and accommodate half-day care?
At this time, the child care program, and fees, are based upon full-time enrollment.  We do understand that families have different needs, so children may come and go during operating hours as needed.
How does the waitlist work?
When a spot opens up, the Centralized Admin team will consult the waitlist for the next child in line to fill the vacancy of the age category needed. For instance, if an infant ages up into the toddler room, a vacancy is created in the infant room. We would consult the waitlist to see who the next available infant is on the list and their priority placement. That parent or guardian would receive the first right to fill the vacancy. If they choose to, their child would be enrolled into our centre and the waitlist would decrease by a family. If that family declines the opportunity, they will be asked whether or not they want to continue to be waitlisted or if they would like to be removed altogether.
What are the policies for Kids@ Churchill Park Child Care Centres?
A Parent Handbook which explains policies and practices, including Guidance, Supervision, Parent Participation, Gradual Entry, etc. is provided at the time of Registration.  You are welcome to ask these questions beforehand when setting up a tour.
How are the Program of Activities planned and offered to the children in the Child Care program
The curriculum at Kids@Churchill Park-Kahanoff Child Care is based on current Early Childhood Practices. Using the AB Curriculum, Flight, as the base along with professional theories and philosophies, the Early Childhood Educators, build a program of activities with observations of a child’s interests, development, dispositions, and schemas, combined with the parents’ goals for the child. In the Preschool Program the same model is used in a condensed version to make the best use of the 2 hours per day.  The programs are inclusive to meet the diverse development and needs of children in care, which may include seeking needed additional supports for children as identified by the Educators and the Parents.
How is it decided which age group a child is placed into?
Children are generally placed into a group of other children with same age.  There are groups for Infants (children under 19 months), Toddlers (children 19 months to 36 months), Preschool (36 months to not yet in grade one.  This age group may be divided into older and younger children)  The Preschool group is not the Preschool Program but the age group.    Once a child’s needs, development, and the group dynamics is known, children will be placed in a group where they will be most successful.
Will there be outdoor play and how often? Will there be offsite outings within the community?
The centre has a roof top play space that is dedicated for the child care program.  Children will be going outside daily, weather permitting.  The Preschool Program will not be going outside daily.    The children will have planned excursions to Haultain Park, Memorial Park, Memorial Library and other interesting events within walking distance.   Infants will be transported in group strollers, while other children will walk.  The Outing Policy is included in the Parent Handbook.
Is food provided in the centres?
Kids@ Churchill Park Child Care Centres have food catered from Kids@ Churchill Park’s centralized kitchen. The kitchen provides wholesome, made from scratch snacks and a lunch daily.  A menu will be sent to parents and posted in the centres.
How do the program team’s communicate with the parents?
Kids@ Churchill Park use a communication program called Hi Mama.  This program allows the Educators, Program Management, and Churchill Park Executive, the ability to email parents with operational messages, events, and daily observations and photos of children,
and to receive messages from parents.
Is there an opportunity for parents to be involved?
All of the Kids@ Churchill Park programs have a volunteer parent committee that supports the programs through assisting in organizing events, providing input into parent needs and ideas, and to assist in evaluation the programs. Parents are always welcome into the program when their child is in attendance, without notification to the program team. Parents are encouraged to participate in their child’s group through regular program activities and/or sharing an activity
What are the qualifications of the staff employed to be with children?
The team at Kids@ Churchill Park-Child Care consist of a Program Manager, Alternate Manager, Educators, Team Supports, and On-Call Staff.  All employees have Alberta Child Development Certification with the level of Certification meeting Child Care Licensing Regulation requirements.  The Management team are Child Development Supervisors (formerly Level 3), the Educators are either Child Development Supervisors or Child Development Workers (formerly Level 2), and the Team Supports are Child Development Assistants or the same as an Educator.  All employees have a current Criminal Record check with Vulnerable Sector Search, and First Aid Certification.   The team regularly receives additional training and professional development to remain knowledgeable of current practices.
How many qualified staff will be hired?
A team will be hired based on the enrollment.  The Program Manager and Alternate Manager will support the team and the parents.  In most cases, there will be 2 Educators per group with a Team Support providing assistant between the groups.  The Preschool Program will have one staff with support provided throughout the session
What are the child to educator ratios in Kids@ Churchill Park Child Care Centres?
Infant less than 12 months – 1:3
Infant 12 months to less than 19 months – 1:4
19 months to less than 3 years – 1:6
3 years to less than 4.5 years – 1:8
4.5 years and older – 1:10
There are combined age groups within the centres.  The ratio for combined age groups is determined by the majority of children in a particular age group.
When are fees due?
Fees are due on the first working day of each month.
What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept pre-authorized debit and debit (at main office)
Do you offer subsidy?
Our centres do allow for subsidy through the provincial government. All subsidy requests must go through the province/region and not through our centres. Please check with our Centralized Admin team who is more than happy to assist providing you with appropriate information for the AB subsidy program.

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