Kids@ Churchill Park Health Updates

Health Update

Updated November 2020


We have gradually and safely re-opened all Kids@ Churchill Park Child Care Centres. Sunridge, Pump-Kin Patch, and PlayPenn families opened first, deep-cleaned, re-organized, re-furnished and re-vitalized! September saw the opening of Connaught and BrightLights.  In October, we welcomed families at Parkside(formerly Babyworks) and opened Kahanoff Child Care, our new center located just outside of the downtown core near Hotel Arts.

As the health and safety of our little ones are critical aspects of providing quality care during the pandemic, please find our health and safety measures below.

CEO Agency Updates

Dear Kids@ Families,

As Kids@ Churchill Park continues our gradual re-open, we look forward to welcoming additional Sunridge, Pump-Kin Patch, and PlayPenn families back to care on September 8 and throughout September to join the already existing little ones in the programs.  Connaught families will be welcomed back on September 1 and Bright Lights families commencing September 8!  Kahanoff and Parkside, (formerly BabyWorks) will follow thereafter. Our Family Day Homes continue to welcome new providers and families, so please feel free to contact them if you are seeking care within one of our family day homes or looking to open a family day home!

Please find official letters regarding reopening, closures, and fees below. 

Stay up to date on the current situation with COVID-19 from the Alberta Government by click the button below.

Re-Opening FAQ’s

What principles guide Kids@ Churchill Parks re-opening plan decision-making?


  • All decisions consider the health and safety of the children in our programs
  • All decisions consider the health and safety of our team members on site
  • The quality of each child’s learning experiences remains critically important
  • Support for our team and the quality of their work environment in our programs remains important
  • Communication and engagement with children, Kids@ team and families is of critical importance. Intentional processes and tools will be in place to ensure key information is shared.
Will I lose my space if I don’t bring my child back to the centre for care when you open in July?

You will maintain your space without any charge for care until at least September 1.

I would like to withdraw my child from care. Will the 30 day required notice be required during June, July and August?

Penalty fees are being waived at this time.

How does Kids@ Churchill Park determine what health and safety policies/measures they will implement for each Phase of re-opening their programs?

Kids@ Churchill Park follows the policies outlined by Alberta Children’s Services. All policies are embedded into each of Kids@Churchill Park Child Care program plans to ensure the health and safety of children and staff during the COVID-19 pandemic. The requirements will be monitored for compliance by child care licensing staff to ensure compliance.

In Phase 1, Centres are limited to cohort groups of no more than 10. What is a cohort and how do they interact?
  • A cohort is defined as a group of children and staff members assigned to them who stay together throughout the day.
  • Cohorts cannot mix with other cohorts or be within in the same room/space at the same time, including pickups and drop-offs, mealtimes, playtime, outdoor activities, staff rooms, naptime, etc.
  • Designated room staff are assigned a cohort and must stay with that cohort and not interact with staff or children from any other cohort.
  • Any person (director, float staff, etc.) who will enter the space of more than one cohort must wear a mask any time they are in the presence of other staff/children and they must wash their hands (or use alcohol-based hand sanitizer) when entering or exiting each room.
How is the use of shared space regulated in Phase 1?
  • Shared spaces and structures that cannot be cleaned and disinfected between cohorts should not be used.
  • If play structures are to be used by more than one group, the structures can only be used by one cohort at a time and must be cleaned and disinfected before and after use by each cohort.
  • Only one cohort at a time may use a licensed outdoor play space. Centres are encouraged to also use alternatives to licensed outdoor play spaces, such as walks and supervised play in parks and safe open spaces (not playgrounds). Follow physical distancing practices when possible.
  • Each cohort should have designated equipment (e.g., balls, loose equipment) or clean and disinfect equipment between cohort uses.
  • Naps should take place within the cohort’s designated room.
  • The centre should establish a plan to prevent mingling of cohorts in washrooms and no unnecessary items should be stored in washrooms.
What could drop-off/pick-up and health and safety look like in the centre during Phase 1?


  • Programs will communicate procedures for drop off and pick up that support physical distancing and separate cohorts to the greatest extent possible. Possible strategies include separate cohort entrances, having one designated parent/guardian pick up and drop off each child, staggering entry, or limiting the numbers of people in entry areas.
  • Programs are required to keep daily records of anyone entering the facility who stays for 15 minutes or longer (e.g. staff working each day, children, contractors). Records will be kept up-to-date and available to facilitate contact tracing in the event of an outbreak.
  • There should be no non-essential visitors and no volunteers at the program. Parents or guardians are able to enter the program when needed, but should minimize the time spent there and stay two metres away from staff and other children at all times.
  • Facility operators and staff should use telephone or video conferencing when possible to meet with staff and parents.
  • Parents picking up children from more than one cohort at the centre should not be allowed to enter the cohort room unless absolutely necessary, if they must enter, a distance of 2 metres must be maintained between staff and other children.
  • Alcohol-based hand rub (with at least 60% alcohol) must be placed in all entrances to the program area in for use by staff, parents doing pick-ups/drop-offs, and any visitors to the centre. Dispensers should not be in locations that can be accessed by children as there is a risk of accidental ingestion. Manufacturer instructions for each product must be followed.
  • Signs should be posted at the entrance reminding persons not to enter if they have signs or symptoms of COVID-19.


Are masks required to be worn by educators and/or children?


  • Use of masks by program staff is only encouraged for prolonged close interactions with children (e.g. changing a diaper or assisting with feeding).
  • Once a mask has been removed, it should be thrown in a lined trash bin (disposable masks) or placed in a sealed container to be laundered (reusable masks).
  • Young children are unlikely to be able to wear a mask properly and not touch it so mask wearing is not recommended.
What does food service look like during Phase 1?

For food service, meals and snack:

  • No self-serve or family-style meal service.
  • Food provided by the family should be stored with the child’s belongings or, if refrigeration is required, should be kept in an area designated for the child’s cohort and should not be handled by other cohorts’ staff.
  • Close the kitchen/nourishment areas off that could be accessed by children, non-designated staff, or essential visitors.
  • Cease activities involving child participation in food preparation.
  • Ensure that food handling staff practice meticulous hand hygiene and are excluded from work if they are symptomatic.
  • Where possible, children should practice physical distancing while eating.
What else will be limited or eliminated during Phase 1 that our children would normally experience?
  • Field trips, group transportation, holiday events, performances or celebrations must be postponed or cancelled until further notice is given, as these events offer fewer possibilities for physical distancing and may lead to the mingling of cohorts.
  • All shared sensory tables including water tables, sand tables, shared play dough will be unavailable.
Are there any special requirements when bringing items from home to the Centre?
  • Children bringing in non-essential personal items should be discouraged.
  • Equipment that is required for children’s day-to-day use (e.g. mobility or feeding devices, weighted blankets, headphones) should be cleaned and disinfected at drop off and pick up, and should not be used by anyone other than the child.
Where can I located more detailed and specific health and safety measures in place for Phase 1 return to care?

Phase 1: Child Care Program Plan includes the following measures:

1). Kids@Churchill Park will review, comply and implement all the Additional Public Health Measures, which outlines enhanced measures to prevent the spread and risk of contracting an illness available at:

2). Kids@Churchill Park will continue to adhere to the Alberta Health Services Child Care Facility Guidelines, which combines regulatory requirements for child care programs and recommendations from AHS. These health and safety requirements are monitored by AHS to minimize the likelihood of child illness or injury. The guidelines can be found here:

3). Kids@Churchill Park will comply with all temporary workplace rules in effect to address COVID-19 to keep themselves, their staff and the families who access their program safe. These rules can be found in Alberta Health’s Workplace Guidance for Business Owners at:

4). Kids@Churchill Park will continue to adhere to all applicable zoning, health and safety legislation, including those within the Child Care Licensing Act and regulations, and all standards not modified or suspended through an order or a superseding public health measure.