Chuchill Park Principles and Values

Kids@ Principles and Values

Last year we began a journey together to review and revise the values so  they resonated with us as a team.  Each program had their own unique method of gathering their team’s input, and the teams incredible passion and heart was evident! We’ve extended the efforts, by creating guiding Principles  and a Value Statement.  The resulting Principles and Values are the culmination of the entire team of educators and leaders thoughtful work.

We’d like you to reflect on these for the month of January with your program as a team. Our people are what makes Churchill Park special, unique and wonderful, each day living our aligned and shared core values! Values and principles are the key component of our agency  and they define the basis upon which decisions are made and agency conduct occurs.  We use these as the basis for communicating what Kids@ Churchill Park stands for.

They truly define what the leadership – as individuals – is prepared to honour in every aspect of directing the business, motivating our team and cultivating relationships with families we serve and the community.

With warmest wishes and gratitude,