CEO Updates

CEO Updates

Korrie-Mae Wiszniak

Dear Churchill Park Families and Friends

As CEO it is my pleasure to welcome you to the new rebranded Kids@ Churchill Park. We are still the same Churchill Park Family Care Society you have come to know and rely on for your families but with a new updated look and improved service. We are a fully licensed and accredited non-profit and charitable organization that has been welcoming families and their children since 1970. We commit to being leaders in providing early childhood education and exceptional care options to families

And as we continue to move forward, we are taking many exciting steps to strengthen our programs and communications! At Kids@ Churchill Park, we value and encourage strong agency-family partnerships and with the goal of exceeding the family’s expectations. We hope you will find great benefit in the updates we are moving forward with!

Our New Mission and Vision

In the Fall of 2017 we began our new strategic planning discussions with our front-line educators, managers, executive and board of directors. Through that encompassing process we developed a new mission and vision we would like to share with you.

Our vision statement originated from one of our early planning sessions when our Director of Human Resources, Dionne Maier, a twenty-year member of our Churchill Park team, suggested a sentiment that resonated with all the team at Kids@ Churchill Park. Once we all heard what she said, we knew we had struck gold in a vision that truly encompasses how all of us see our reason for being.

Our Vision: Igniting children’s potential is our passion! We also developed a new mission that takes that vision well into our future.

Our Mission: We are a non-profit community organization where 100% of resources are reinvested in your children to nurture curious minds, healthy bodies and happy hearts.

This mission statement emphasizes the non-profit advantage in child care as evidenced by research. A June 2009 Canadian research study by economists Gordon Cleveland and Michael Krashinsky, as presented in the Journal of Policy Analysis and Management, found that nonprofit child care centres frequently produce child care which is, on average, of higher quality than care provided in commercial centres particularly in highly competitive markets. Several other studies in Canada, as well as many worldwide, have supported these observations.

Previous Updates

We are pleased to be a non-profit agency that focuses its resources on the development and support of our children and families. Our mission indicates our commitment to continuing that goal.